David Suby for Mn House District 2B

David Suby is asking for your vote in 2020.

David Suby for Minnesota State Representative - District 2B.
David Suby for Minnesota State Representative – District 2B.

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When David Suby was 7 years old, his parents bought a hunting shack on Pickerel Lake. He grew up loving rural Minnesota. He and his wife, Sally, were married at this lake 49 years ago.  His two daughters grew up and were also married at the lake. Their three fun grandchildren love to play in this lake. David Suby is concerned about clean water.

David Suby wants people in this district to be able to earn a living wage. He grew up in Fargo, and then earned a chemistry degree from the University of Minnesota. Every summer he did concrete work. He must have liked it because two days after he graduated he started a concrete business, David Suby Construction, that he ran for 43 years. Successful business is nothing without its workers. David found that offering a good living wage increased productivity and loyalty. When David Suby retired in 2015 his lowest paid worker made $23 an hour.

But even if there is a good job, if there is not a place where you can feel secure leaving your children, you can’t do that job. David Suby believes we need more and better child care in this district.

These are just three of the many issues facing our neighbors in this district. David Suby believes we need a better leader in our state legislature, before it’s too late!

David Suby is running to be your
DFL Minnesota State Representative from District 2B.

Hmmm.. that’s catchy, SUBY for 2B, before it’s too late!



David Suby hopes you will join him.